• Welcome to the KC2IRV Repeater System
  • This is a combined 6 site UHF simulcast system that uses the Allstar Voter module. This system covers PA counties of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe and parts of Bucks and Warren, NJ.
  • A permenantly connected 2 Meter repeater located in Effort, PA is connected to the system as well.
  • Repeater System Announcements
    August 7th, 2023

    I am currently working on implementing new GPS references on the system.

    There may be system/site outages in the system while this is being done.

  • UHF Wide Area Simulcast System
  • Output: 449.875 MHz
  • Input: 444.875 MHz
  • PL tone of 127.3Hz
  • 2 Meter repeater in Effort, PA.
  • Output: 146.445 MHz
  • Input: 144.650 MHz
  • PL tone of 127.3Hz
  • UHF DMR repeater in Effort, PA.
  • Output: 448.425 MHz
  • Input: 443.425 MHz
  • Color Code 1
  • Timeslot 1 Connected to PA Tri State TG# 31360
  • Timeslot 2 Connected to PA Crossmode TG# 31425
  • Connected to the BrandMeister Network
  • Echolink System Node #404480
  • RepeaterBook System Listing

  • A new ARM image for Allstar has been released by a ham going by Spotnik!
  • This image works on ARM devices using the AllWinner H3 Processor such as the Orange Pi 0 and 1 along with the NanoPi Neo and more
  • I have this image hosted on my cloud server, you can download it here:
  • Orange Pi 0,1,PC and NanoPi NEO Allstar Image Download
  • The default root password for this image is "spotnik"
  • Learn More about how this system works
  • If you wish to learn more about how this simulcast system works and how you can setup your own
  • Please visit the website below which contains detailed information about this
  • My Simulcast Website

    These are the sites in the system that are currently on the air